Monday, February 15, 2010

Spoof as a form of Resistance

Given all that we talked about last week, around Media Literacy, I thought you would appreciate this Superbowl commercial and its follow up spoof... comments welcome.

What does this ad say about the state of men and masculinity in 2010?

And what does this ad say about women and femininity in response?

It's not about teenagers, but reading ads like these is good practice in honing our analytical skills!

See you tomorrow!

LB :)


  1. Oh man. That video pretty much portrayed women as the downfall to humanity. Why are men married to us anyway? All we do is nag?
    As for what it says about men in 2010, I think it says that we haven't come very far. The entire ad was brutally misogynistic and was aired during the super bowl to millions. It doesn't send a very good message to young men or young women about gender issues.

  2. Love the response, even though I could pick at it a little. In any case, the original commercial is complete crap IMO. I am absolutely sick of being misrepresented on the television, just as all of you are I am sure. See you in class :)

  3. also... is there a way to leave a comment without doing the silly "type this word" thing? Not that its a terrible burden on my soul or anything, just curious :)

  4. Wow that video makes me feel like I don't really have much to look forward to in my future as far as marriage and a career go. YIKES! Can we be ourselves darnit!?

  5. Oh and P.S..there are men out there who enjoy doing the little things. This makes relationships seem like work, not relationships.

  6. I think it is great that this is even being said! Why should we be silenced? I feel that young girls should see this and e able to order to make change, one has to be aware of the injustice that exists!