Sunday, March 14, 2010

Representing Teenagers

Hope that SPRING BREAK is treating you well! I am writing from California where I spent the weekend visiting with my mom in Palm Desert. Sunny and beautiful!!!

The reading for next week is both visual and textual...

I want you to explore the work of Lauren Greenfield, particularly her book,
Fast Forward.

Read the introduction and pay attention to how she frames the project — she uses the photos to tell a particular story about young people in Los Angeles. You will be doing the same thing with your photos, so study her writing as a model. Then look through the full series of photos that are in the her book.

Use your blog to sort out your thoughts about Greenfield’s project. As you do in all of your blogs, make connections to other texts we have read in class. Do you think that Greenfield would agree with Raby’s five discourses? How would McMillian and Morrison respond to Greenfield’s book? Who is present in her book? Who is absent?

And don't forget to take 20-30 pictures of teenagers this week... you will be bringing in 10-20 of them on Tuesday, March 23rd so that we can look them over together.

See you next week!!

LB :)

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